Whistle Bait!
Described as a band that tends to drive an audience into a mad frenzy, there is something enthrawling about watching four good looking girls on stage who can really play thier instruments. Their prescence is hypnotizing, and during one of their hauntingly slow songs like "One Way Love", you can usually hear a pin drop.

"It's not easy to find people who like what your're into and know how to play it" said Josie of her long time desire to front an all girl group. Her search for the right people brouht her to LA from New Orleans, where she'd been surviving mostly on the contents of the Bear Family Label back catalog while working in a record shop. "I'd just go down the list and order all these CD's" she recalled. "Thats how I learned about a lot of people like Billy Lee Riley, the Collins Kids - people like that." Feeling at home in LA's tight rockabilly circle, she placed an ad in The Recycler (and the rest, as they say, is history!).