Rockin Rebels
It was Sept. 10, 1981, when an unkown band consisting of Andy McClure, Jerry Prefontaine, Eddy Hill and Mark Liddell took the stage at the Cuckoo's Nest. They were opening up a Rockabilly show with other local acts. Little did the other bands realize, that in a matter of months the tables would turn and these bands would jump at a chance to open for this unknown band called the Rockin' Rebels.

Thanks to the enterprising push of drummer Jerry Prefonatine, the Rockin' Rebels became a household word with teenagers all over Southern California. Which came as a surprise to a lot of people, being that the bands members were spread from Sunset Beach all the way to San Clemente. A small but insignificant obstacle for a band destined for stardom. At least that must have been what Jerry believed, since he spent almost all of his time playing and promoting the band. This is something that most bands leave up to professional outsiders. But these guys didn't want to trust their futures to outsiders.

The first thing they did was start their own label; Dice records, which produced two singles. The first single "She's My Angel", disn't receive hardly any airplay, but their second effort called "Let's Bop" got quite a bit of radio attention, and did quite well in the record stores around L.A. and Orange County.

Ever since that first show, the Rockin' Rebels proved themselves to be a true dance band. They filled every room that they played in, and were belived to be one of the strongest forces in the Rockabilly movement in Southern California.