In 1992, L.A. guitarist Mike Eldred sent a demo tape to ex-Stray Cat bassist, Lee Rocker. After hearing the tape, Rocker decided to do something he'd always wanted to do - start a new blues trio. Since they still needed a drummer, Eldred suggested another West Coast musician, Henree DeBaun (a.k.a. Hank Deluxe) to round out the band. The new band, Big Blue, made its debut on New Years Eve 1992. While on tour with Paul Rodgers in 1993, the band signed a deal with Black Top Records. Their first album, simply entitled Big Blue, was released shortly thereafter to critical praise.

Two years later, Big Blue has released their second album, Atomic Boogie Hour. Named after an early 1950's radio program, Atomic Boogie Hour contains a mixture of blues-based tunes, along with a few rockabilly songs thrown in for good measure. Standout tracks on the CD include "6th Street Blues", "Can't Say No", "A Taste of You" and "When You're Not Here". Atomic Boogie Hour is a fine sophomore effort from a hot band, with the playing ability to make things happen. This is a band to watch.