Orange County has produced many talented rockabilly bands. The Jitters is one of the newest groups to emerge from this region. The band is a traditional four piece outfit consisting of the lovely Shannon Hill singing lead vocals and strummin' rythm guitar.

Eddie Hill picks the archtop guitar-"fiddle" and sings a number now and then. The rhythm section with Scott Simpson bangin' the skins and "slappin" Jess Hernandez on the dog-house bass completes this great foursome. Jess is known to sing a song as well!

The Jitters draws on the sounds of traditional roots music such as jump blues, swing and hillbilly country while staying close to their passion for the energy of frenzied "bare bones" rockabilly. Although the band has only been playing for a little over a year, they have shared the bill with most every roots-based band in Southern California including Big Sandy & His Fly Rite boys, The Dave & Deke Combo, The Royal Crown Revue, Russell Scott & the Red Hots, and Ronnie Dawson.

The Jitters love to write and perfrom original music. While Eddie and Jess do most of the songwriting, everyone adds their own rockin' style to each tune. Most of their material is original, but if they do cover a song, it's an obscure tune and one you won't hear on the radio.

The band recently went on a short road trip to San Francisco after being invited to play the infamous "Grease Ball" at the DNA Lounge with 14 other bands from around the United States!

You can listen to The Jitters on their "Kiss Me Daddy" 45 rpm EP (available through Hepcat Records), on Scizmatic Records American Rumble Compilation CD, and on a 10" record due out in 1997 by Bear Family Records.